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Chris Cunningham : Orange “Photo Messaging” (2003)

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The work of Chris Cunningham is pretty astounding to say the least. Here’s one that you don’t see a lot, but is absolutely incredible. It’s also really old and done with this amazing Timetrack camera system. I could probably do a whole post on that camera, but right now, it’s this ad. From the score to the narrator track, it’s haunting and the imagery is like liquid.

Esquire UK RED Shoots

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I’ve seen this collection start popping up again and it’s really a cool concept. The collection of Esquire UK RED shoots by Greg Williams. They’re pulling stills from the RED to be used in the magazine and online. It seems that so much of the reverse is going on right now with the still cameras shooting video, it’s cool to see the RED, which has always been able to shoot incredible resolution up to 4K, be used for stills. If I only had the money I’d ditch my Nikon and get a RED for photo shoots….maybe landing one like below.