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Special Problems Showreel and Work

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I’ve seen Special Problems’ work a few times in the past handful of months but didn’t dig deeper. They have a lot of great work, I’m always in awe multi-faceted studios such as this. Take a trip around their site.

This is the first thing that started me piecing their work together, I had seen this a while ago but didn’t know who did it. Now I do.

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement

I’m really into this showreel, especially the song choice.

YWFT, Original Inspiration

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When I first started working in design and motion I used to watch the YWFT short pieces over and over. I would analyze how something would move, try to recreate some of the motion and design in their work to teach myself. Obviously, back then, I didn’t get close, but that’s what I emulated. Here are a few pieces I used to watch habitually when I was “learning” motion and design, aka ,going to business school during the day. This stuff is so rad to watch again and look at how all the movement was so fluid and the design was so fresh. There is a demo reel that they did back around the time of these shorts that lit me up to do this type of work, but I can’t find it. Check out more of their work on Vimeo.