Don’t Call It A Comeback

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There’s been a pretty large gap in the blog, almost a year. In that year, I’ve done a lot of work and joined up with ISO50 Blog. There are few really cool projects on the horizon and ones that are in process. I’m hoping to share a little more behind the scenes, influence and finished work on the blog from now on. Some of these will live on the ISO50 Blog as well.

To kick it off, here’s a still from a lookbook shoot for Hotel 1171 I just wrapped up. We shot this in Big Sur the night we arrived. A small crew of us were anxious to get started since we only had 1 day to shoot the whole line in multiple environments. Not to mention we were all highly caffeinated from the 8 hour drive from San Diego. We started in Carmel at the hotel and drove south until we found what looked like a path and hiked down blind to the water. We ended up catching a few minutes in hanging fog, which is all the particles in the air. The technical breakdown on this is pretty simple, I had a Canon strobe fired from behind with a red gel, and used a Pocket Wizard to trigger it. Camera and lens set up for this was a 5D Mark III and a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 at 5.6. I really didn’t do too much to this photo in post, raw conversion and curves is basically it.

Matthew Dear “Slowdance” Video Released

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This week the “Slowdance” project that I was working on for Matthew Dear and Ghostly premiered on Pitchfork.

I definitely want to thank the crew that helped out with the shoot, Nicole Lively, Mark Shonka, Katrina Adair, Tommy McAdams and Chantall Northrup. As well as all the guys at Ghostly, they’ve been super supportive and patient while I was in post layering up the whole piece.

There might be a still frame poster in the works, and I’ll update if that gets finished.

The main thing is thanks to everyone who has helped and to everyone who was supportive on the premiere. Makes all the hard work worth it.

Here’s a link to the project on my portfolio site.

Puzio Micro-Doc Final Stretch

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Today was one of the final shoots for the Puzio Micro-Doc that I’m working on. Micro, meaning, it’s going to be short and potent, not in the length of production. It’s been about 6 months on and we’re almost wrapped on photography. We headed out east this morning to shoot a water jet cutting a new piece that he’s working on. It’s pretty amazing that a stream of water can cut through metal.

Here’s a couple shots from today. Up next in the project is interviews and the trailer. It’s the final stretch.